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For a while I’ve been looking for a “One World Colloquium”. I recommend the Matrix Institute series.

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Summer Schools

July 11 - 23, 2022
50th Probability Summer School
Saint-Flour, France
July 25 -August 5, 2022
12th Cornell Probability Summer School
Deadline to apply for funding: April 1
August 1 - 14, 2022
Randomness in Physics and Mathematics: From Integrable Probability to Disordered Systems
Deadline for registration: May 6
August 2 - 13, 2022
Brazilian School of Probability (August 8 - 13, 2022)
and Sao Paolo School of Advanced Science on Singular SPDE and their Applications
Registration deadline: April 15, 2022
Campinas, Brazil
August 22 - 30, 2022
Workshop and Summer School on Random Graphs
Eurandom, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
July 3 - 15, 2023
51st Probability Summer School
Saint-Flour, France

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The following archives have huge numbers of wonderful math books and papers. Their status is uncertain; use them at your own discretion.

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