Firdavs Rakhmonov


Graduate Student

Office: 1103 Hylan Building
Office hours: Tuesday, 19:00-20:30
Zoom ID: 697 832 0433
E-mail: frakhmon at ur dot rochester period edu

About me

I am a third year graduate student at the University of Rochester. My doctoral advisor is Professor Alex Iosevich. You can find my CV here.

Research Interests

Finite field models in additive combinatorics, Gaussian sum and mathematical analysis.


Fall 2018: TA, (Grading), MTH265: Real Analysis.

Spring 2019: TA, (Grading), MTH240: General Topology.

Fall 2019: TA, (Recitations), MTH164: Multivariable Calculus.

Spring 2020: TA, (Recitations), MTH165: Linear Algebra with Differential Equations.

Fall 2020: TA, (Recitations), MTH141: Calculus I.

Spring 2021: TA, (Grading & Seminars), MTH282: Introduction to Complex Variables with Applications.