Eric Hopper

Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Office: 813 Hylan Building
Email: eric.hopper at rochester dot edu


I study arithmetic geometry, Hodge theory, and topology of varieties with a particular interest in periods and motives. My current research is on periods of mixed Tate motives, the KZB connection, and relations between cyclotomic values of multiple polylogarithms and iterated integrals of Eisenstein series. My doctoral advisor was Professor Richard Hain.


Polylogarithm Variations and Motivic Extensions of \(\mathbb{Q}\) by \(\mathbb{Q}(m)\), arXiv:2208.01153

The Universal Elliptic KZB Connection in Higher Level, arXiv:2107.14320
(To appear in the Michigan Mathematical Journal)


Institution Term Number Name
Rochester Spring 2023 141 Calculus I
    240H Intro to Topology (Honors)
  Fall 2022 141 Calculus I
    165 Linear Algebra w/ Diff. Eq.
  Spring 2022 165 Linear Algebra w/ Diff. Eq.
    235 Linear Algebra
  Fall 2021 165 Linear Algebra w/ Diff. Eq.
    230 Number Theory
Duke Spring 2021 112L Calculus II
  Spring 2020 112L Calculus II
  Fall 2019 122L Calculus II
  Spring 2019 111L Calculus I
  Fall 2018 122L Calculus II
  Fall 2017 122L Calculus II

Recipient, L.P. Smith Award for Teaching Excellence, 2019


Ph.D., Mathematics, Duke University, 2021

A.B., Mathematics, Princeton University, 2016