Vanessa Matus de la Parra

(She / her)

Grad Student

Office 718 Hylan Building - SAFE SPACE
E-mail: vmatusde at ur period rochester period edu

Office hours

  • By appointment.


  • Grader for MATH 471

  • TLC tutor

You can also see my CV here.


I am currently working on Dynamics of Holomorphic Correspondences under the advice of Professor Juan Rivera-Letelier.

My undergraduate thesis was on Topological Mixing of the Geodesic Flow on Hyperbolic Riemann Surfaces, under the advice of Professor Felipe Riquelme. You can read it here (in spanish).

Papers & Preprints

  • “Equidistribution for matings of quadratic maps with the Modular group” preprint.

If you are here due to procrastination, I left you a little treat. You can also check these ShortMathFacts.