Upcoming Talks

  • [04-Jan-2023]: AMS Contributed Paper Session, Joint Mathematical Meetings, Boston

Research Talks

  • The value distribution of the Hurwitz zeta function with irrational shifts (slides)
    [01-Dec-2022]: Weekly Seminar, PIMS CRG on \(L\)-functions in Analytic Number Theory (video)

  • The VC-dimension of quadratic residues in finite fields (slides)
    [18-Nov-2022]: Discrete Math and Combinatorics Seminar, University of South Carolina

  • Moments of the Hurwitz zeta function on the critical line (slides)
    [11-Nov-2022]: SCGP Program on Number Theory and Physics (video)
    [02-Nov-2022]: Algebra & Number Theory Seminar, University of Rochester
    [29-Jul-2022]: PIMS CRG Workshop on Moments of \(L\)-functions\({}^\star\) (video)
    [27-May-2022]: CANT 2022 (Combinatorial and Additive Number Theory)\({}^\star\) (video)
    [02-Apr-2022]: 47th Annual New York State Regional Graduate Mathematics Conference\({}^\star\)
    [28-Mar-2022]: Graduate Number Theory Seminar, Rutgers University
    [23-Mar-2022]: Number Theory Seminar, Duke University
    [18-Mar-2022]: Graduate Students’ Seminar, University of Rochester

\(\star\): short talk

Expository Talks

  • The Distribution of Values of the Riemann Zeta Function inside the Critical Strip
    [21-Apr-2021]: London Analytic Number Theory Study Group (slides)

  • Discrepancy Bounds for the Riemann Zeta Function
    [04-Dec-2020]: Oral Exam, University of Rochester (video, slides)

  • The Zig-Zag Product and Reingold's Theorem
    [27-Feb-2020]: Combinatorics Seminar, University of Rochester (slides)

  • A Crash Course in Complexity Theory with a view towards \(\mathtt{ustcon} \in L\)
    [25-Feb-2020]: Combinatorics Seminar, University of Rochester (slides)