Second Annual Upstate Number Theory Conference

Schedule of Events

April 28-29, 2012 

    Saturday, April 28

    Invited Talks in Lander Auditorium 140 Hutchison

    8:45-9:15  Registration and Coffee 

    9:15-10:05  D. Wan:   L-functions of p-adic characters

    10:05-10:30  Coffee

    10:30-11:20  M. Wood The probability that a curve over a finite field is smooth.

    11:30-12:20  P. VojtaUnderstanding Dyson's lemma for products of arbitrary curves

    12:20-2:30  Lunch

    2:30-3:20  R. RumelyThe Fekete-Szego theorem with local rationality conditions

    3:20-4:00  Coffee

    4:00-6:00  Talks in Hylan 102, 201, and 202.

      Talks in Hylan 102.

    4:00-4:20  M. MazurRepresentations of analytic functions as infinite products and some arithmetic applications

    4:25-4:45  S. GonekZeros of partial sums of the Riemann zeta-function

    4:50-5:10  J. DodgeRefined conjectures on special values of $L$-functions

      Talks in Hylan 201.

    4:00-4:20  P. Le On the state of Wan's Conjecture

    4:25-4:45  D. Haessig Unit roots everywhere! (aka. Variation of the unit root along a family of unit root $L$-functions

    4:50-5:10  A. HaenschThe representation problem for inhomogeneous quadratic polynomials

    5:15-5:35  D. VaintrobMazur’s isogeny theorem and generalizations

      Talks in Hylan 202.

    4:00-4:20  P. Fili Numbers of small height in extensions with splitting conditions

    4:25-4:45  J. Dreibelbis The dynamical Mordell-Lang conjecture for linear maps

    4:50-5:10  A. Towsley A Hasse principle for periodic points

    5:15-5:35  H. GaoGalois lattices and strongly divisible lattices

    6:00--8:30 Banquet at Staybridge Suites (Directions)

    Sunday, April 29

    Invited Talks in Goergen 101

    9:30-10:20  L. Xiao Global triangulation over eigenvarieties

    10:20-11:00  Coffee

    11:00-11:50  J. Pottharst Applications of triangulation of the eigencurve

    12:00-12:50  A. Levin Linear forms in logarithms and integral points on varieties