Katherine Grzesik


Assistant Professor of Statistics

Office: 709 Hylan Building
Phone: (585) 275-4338
Fax: (585) 273-4655
E-mail: katherine dot grzesik at rochester period edu

Current Office Hours (Spring 2023)

M 3:30 - 5pm
W 3:30 - 5pm
Th 10am - 12pm
By appointment at: https://drkag.youcanbook.me/

Looking for…

Courses I Teach

  • STAT 212: Applied Statistics I
    • Multiple sections each semester.
    • Has an R lab to learn programming!
    • Topics are equivalent to AP Stats
  • STAT 216: Applied Statistics II
    • What happens when the data doesn’t fit the assumptions? That’s what we’ll learn!
    • I teach this typically fall semester of even years
  • STAT 219: Nonparametric Inference
    • Upper level course taught every other fall
    • Offered in the fall of odd years
  • STAT 276: Statistical Computing in R
    • A LOT of time spent in RStudio!
    • Offered each spring term in both a W or non-W format.

Research Interests

  • Education
  • Nonparametric methods
  • Smoothing techniques

Full list of publications can be found on my Google Scholar page.