Tom Wolff Memorial Scholarship

This page contains information about the Tom Wolff Memorial Scholarship that is in the process of being organized at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I have donated the proceeds of my book, entitled "A view from the top: analysis, combinatorics and number theory", to be published in the AMS Student Library Series to establish this scholarship. The advance on royalties is $1500 and additional royalties will come in on a regular basis. My most recent book. "The Erdos distance problem", co-authored with Julia Garibaldi and Steven Senger, is now in print and has been selling well. The proceeds of this book will also be contributed to the Tom Wolff Memorial Scholarship and I will do the same with some of my future book projects. However, in order to launch the scholarship, the endowment needs to reach $25,000, so I hope that outside contributions will come as well.

If you wish to contribute to the Tom Wolff Memorial Scholarship, please send a check to:

Anne Weller
Executive Director for Advancement
College of Arts and Sciences
317 Lowry Hall
University of Missouri-Columbia
Columbia, MO, 65211

Description of the scholarship: Tom Wolff Memorial Scholarship will be given to a junior or a senior undergraduate student at the University of Missouri, who, in addition to superior performance in one of the physical sciences has also demonstrated high degree of achievement in music or humanities.