StemForAll 2021 program in geometry

Overview: The goal of Grad Stem For All is to empower and further inspire all interested students from colleges and universities in Western New York area to pursue advanced degrees in STEM fields, particularly mathematics and statistics. We are especially looking to involve groups that have traditionally been underrepresented in STEM, including women and underrepresented minorities. Our goal is to provide these students with the information, skills and training needed to succeed in graduate school, academic careers, and industry. The three components of the program are coursework, research and mentoring. During the summer, faculty from local universities will be teaching a series of mini-courses that will enhance the undergraduate education the students receive at their liberal arts institution. These mini-courses are meant to be a preview of graduate coursework and provide students with a deeper background in mathematics and/or statistics. Each student participant will also be paired with an experienced faculty mentor from an area college or university, who can provide support and guidance throughout the student's college career and beyond. By having an identified mentor, students will more readily be able to get involved in research projects, learn about graduate schools, get advice on the application process, and learn more about life in academia in general. We intend for the mentor/student relationship to be long lasting, inspiring students to pursue advanced coursework and careers in STEM field. After the mini-courses, the program is going to enter the research phase where the students are going to be guided through a series of accessible open problems.

Organizers: This program was launched in 2018 by Drs. Joseph Ciminelli and Alex Iosevich from the Department of Mathematics at the University of Rochester and by Dr. Sally Thurston from the Department Biostatistics and Computational Biology. You can find the description of last year's program by clicking on this link. This year the program is organized by Alex Iosevich and Steven Kleene from the Department of Mathematics. Take a look at for the Tripods2021/StemForAll2021 program in data science running in July/August.

Mentoring: Every participant in our program will be assigned to a mentor, who will assist them with course selection, advise them on additional readings and help them seek out graduate and professional opportunities. The participant will be able to maintain phone and email contact with the mentor, in addition to regular meetings.

Lecturer: Steven Kleene
Description of the program: In this reading group, the students will work in pairs and deliver lectures based on the material in Manfredo Do Carmo's classic text on Riemannian Geometry. The participants will deliver the lectures under Professor Kleene's mentorship. The goal is to cover most of the fundamental concepts of differential geometry by the end of the program.
Time: Tuesday-Friday, June 29-July 2, 2021
Location: Hylan 1101