Photographs of my students

Zhora Arutunyants
Steve Senger
Sarah Mandina
Tyler Jones-Salisbury
Doowon Koh
Aminata Coulibaly
Aminata Colibaly and Tyler Jones-Salisbury
Marisa Zymonopolou, Alex Iosevich and Kostya Oskolkov
Stephanie Faix
Samuel Grinter and Je-Hoon Lee
Kevin Roberts
Maxim Zinchenko and I
Greg Jones at Osaka
Greg Jones and Alex Iosevich at Osaka
Alex Iosevich, Heather Rosenblatt and Jessica Hoenmann at Gumby's
Gina Belarde in my office
Simon School of Business folks

This is my Ph.D. student, George. He works day and night to prove great theorems, and ocasionally finds time to have a few drinks as well. What a guy!

This is my former undergraduate student, Steve Senger. He is now a graduate student at MU. Steve and I had numerous adventures together, many of which cannot be described to the general public.

This is my former undergraduate student, Sarah Mandina. She was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri, but I swear that she has a New York Italian accent!

This is my high school student, Tyler. He is about to turn 16. Tyler and I are reading research papers in combinatorics and additive number theory. The trick is to make sure none of this goes to his head... So far, so good...

This is my Ph.D. student, Doown Koh. For the past few months, he has been bravely attacking averaging operators over surfaces. Good job!

Aminata Coulibaly, a student from my Advanced Calculus Class and a frequent visitor to my office hours. She is pre-med, but it may be possible to convert her to the cult of mathematics!

Tyler and Aminata stydying hard on a Saturday afternoon.

This Marisa Zymanopolou, a former graduate student in our department, with Alex iosevich on her right, and (Professor) Kostya Oskolkov on her left. It was one incredible party at a Russian restaurant in Vienna in 2003!

Stephanie Faix, my student in Math 80 and now my student in Matjh 4700. I will always remember Stephanie because of constant cell phone calls she always receives while in my office from a person named Alex (not me!).

Je-Hoon and Sam trying to prove the Cauchy Mean-Value Theorem.

Kevin Roberts preparing for an Advanced Calculus test.

This Maxim Zinchenko, my TA from Advanced Calculus, and I in my office.

This my former student Greg Jones having dinner at Osaka! He is currently a graduate student in theoretical physics at Harvard and will be graduating at the end of this academic year.

Greg and I at Osaka after several sakes.... and some food!

Alex Iosevich, Heather Rosenblatt, and Jessica Hoenmann at Gumby's!

Gina Belarde with the usual mischievous look on her face...