Math 238: Combinatorics, Fall 2023

Instructor: Alex Iosevich
Office: Hylan 909
Office Hours: 10:30-11:30 MW and by appointment
Textbook: We are going to use several textbooks and sets of notes, including Brualdi's Combinatorics, Sheffer's Polynomial Method and Incidence Theory, Guth's Polynomial Method in Combinatorics, Garibaldi, Iosevich and Senger's Erdos Distance Problem, and possibly others.
Grading: Homework (%30), In-class midterm (%30), and Final (%40).

Topics: Basic counting (1 week), Incidence theory (2 weeks), Erdos distance problem in Euclidean space (2 weeks), Combinatorial geometry over integers modulo a prime (2-3) weeks, sums and products (1-2 weeks), arithmetic progressions (remainder of the semester).

Homework #1 (due Sunday, September 24, sunset)

Homework #2 (due Sunday, October 15, 11.59 p.m.)

Midterm, Monday, October 23, 9 a.m. (in class)