Math 173, Fall 2022

Instructor: Alex Iosevich
Office: Hylan 909
Office Hours: 2-3 p.m. MW and by appointment
Textbook: Linear Algebra by Hofmann and Kunze
Grading: Journal (%10), Homework (%20), Two exams (%20 each), and Final (%30).

Structure of the class:

This is going to be a highly interactive class. Notes will be prepared and distributed ahead of time. Some of the time in class will be dedicated to lecturing and the rest will be spent in small interactive groups designed to grasp the salient features of the proofs and examples in real time.

Structure of the exams and the final:

Each exam is going to consist of five problems. The first two problems will be medium level theorems directly from book or the homework, possibly stated in a slightly different notation. Getting a perfect score on such problem is purely a matter of diligence. The third problem will be a slight variant of a more difficult result from the book or homework. The fourth and fifth problem will be designed to test how well you can prove results that are based on combining ideas and techniques from theorems proved in class and assigned on the homework.


i) The students will be expected to come to each class prepared. What this means is that on any given day, I expect the students to know and understand the proofs and examples that were covered in class up to that point.

ii) The students are expected to keep a journal (worth %10 of the grade in the class) where they briefly describe the material they looked at on that day, the difficulties they experienced, and how they resolved them.