Dinesh S. Thakur


PhD - Harvard University

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Though I like to learn about all kinds of mathematics and science (mostly physics, genetics), my main research interests are in number theory and arithmetic geometry, and my main work has been in developing various aspects of function field arithmetic. The personal home page should give some idea about my research work.


Elliptic curves, modular forms and arithmetic statistics (568) (UR)
Recent developments in function field arithmetic (568) (UR)
Diophantine Equations (568) (UR)
Elliptic curves and modular forms (530) (UR)
P-adic analysis and number theory (UR)
Function Field Arithmetic (569) (UR)
Honors Calculus I-IV (171, 172, 173, 174) (UR)
Function Field Arithmetic (519) (UA)
Algebraic Number Theory (514AB, 531 at UR)
Algebraic Geometry (536AB, 538 at UR)
Abstract Algebra (415/515AB, 236, 237 at UR)
Algebraic Coding Theory (Math/ECE 539)
Algebra (511AB)
Complex analysis and Riemann surfaces (520AB)
Game Theory (479/579)
Linear Algebra (413/513)
Real variables (265 at UR)
Mathematical Cryptology (233 at UR)
Financial Mathematics (210 at UR)
Transition to higher mathematics (200W at UR)
Ordinary Differential Equations (254)
Calculus I and II (123, 124H, 125, 129, 129 H, and at Michigan, Harvard)
Complex Variables (424/524, 467 at UR)
Complex Variables with Applications (421/521)
Theory of Numbers (446/546 and at Michigan, 230 at UR)
Advanced Calculus (Minnesota)
Linear and nonlinear multivariable analysis (Minnesota)
Fundamental Structures of Algebra (Minnesota)
Algebraic Number Theory (University of Bombay)
Multivariable calculus and linear algebra (Harvard)

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