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Old Arizona departmental homepage (Courses, Masters and PhD students, local talks etc.) updated.
Book: Function Field Arithmetic
Book: Cyclotomic Fields and Related topics (Co-editor and Contributor)
Book: p-adic Geometry (Co-editor)
Link to Southwest Center for Arithmetic Geometry and Arizona Winter School
I am serving on the editorial boards of the following journals and look forward to receiving interesting papers for these journals


Here is a link for .pdf files of published final versions of some papers:

Final versions in pdf

  • I plan to put all .pdf files soon, meanwhile will send others by mail/email on request.
  • Warning: All the versions may not be exactly the same as the published versions.
  • In particular, page numbers etc. will be wrong, so that those versions should not be used for the reference.
  • For misprints etc. see update file.

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