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For earlier papers see my publications list.  

Slides for recent talks. Email me if you would like a printer friendly version of any of these slides.  

  • University of Regensburg lecture of August 4, 2023, "What is an ∞-category?" Slides. The slides have more material (on Bousfield localization and spectra) than I was able to cover in the lecture. Here is a preprint form of this material.
  • Northwestern University lecture of March 23, 2023, "Hiking in the Alps: Cp-fixed points of Lubin-Tate spectra." Slides.
  • Bonn lecture of October 17, 2022, "The Hill-Lawson spectral sequence and the telescope conjecture." Slides.

For talks and preprints related to the Kervaire invariant see my Kervaire invariant page.  

Complex Cobordism and Stable Homotopy Groups of Spheres, second edition.

Related papers by other authors

Lecture notes for a graduate course on elliptic cohomology, Fall 2003, Math 549

Preprints and slides for talks up to March 2009


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