Resolutions of four modules over the algebra A(1)

Drawings done for the show "Mind"
at Gallery Project, Ann Arbor, Michigan
February 24 through March 28, 2010,
Robert R. Bruner

(Press release and a review quoted here.)

In each of the following, the drawing shows

The links to the "text" give the same information in text form, and are taken from the book Connective Real K-Theory of Finite Groups by John Greenlees and me.

Here is some commentary on these drawings that may elucidate their meaning and give some (brief) information on some of the choices made.

If anyone decides to play these on the piano, or any other instrument, I would be glad to hear the result.

The drawings themselves are 18 inches by 34 inches, on acid free paper with archival quality ink, and were photographed by Eric Law. The grid lines were hand drawn using a No. 4 pencil against a straightedge at a spacing of 1/2 inch.

Drawings and photographs copyright Robert R. Bruner 2010 and 2012, respectively.

The Sphere (text)

The Joker (text)

The Moore Space (text)

Real Projective Space