Math 549, Spring 2018: Topics in Algebraic Topology

Spectral sequences in algebraic topology

Jean Leray, the inventor of spectral sequences 1906-1998 More pictures

Jean-Pierre Serre, the first person to use spectral sequences in algebraic topology More pictures

Armand Borel 1923-2003 More pictures

John Milnor
More pictures

Sir Michael Atiyah
More pictures

Friedrich Hirzebruch 1927-2012 More pictures

Sergei Novikov
More pictures

Samuel Eilenberg 1913-1998 More pictures

John Moore 1923-2016

Saunders Mac Lane 1909-2005 More pictures

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  • There will be no classes on February 13 and 15, and March 20 and 22. There will also be none on March 13 and 15 due to Spring break.