Fred Cohen



Hylan 1002
(585) 275-9411

fred.cohen at rochester dot edu

UR Mathematics Seminars

Research Interests

My research interests are mainly in topology with connections to other areas such as

  • classical homotopy theory,
  • braid groups,
  • configuration spaces,
  • modular forms as the cohomology of certain configuration spaces, and
  • cohomology of groups.

Graduate Students, current, and past

  • Daniel Waggoner, 1985, Federal Reserve Bank, Atlanta

  • Shiu-Chun Wong, 1991, Zechiang University, Hangchou. scwong at math dot zju dot e d u dot c n

  • Ran Levi 1993, University of Aberdeen

  • Dai Tamaki 1993, Shinshu University, Japan

  • Jie Wu 1995, National University of Singapore

  • Miguel Xicotencatl 1997, Centro de Investigacion, Mexico City

  • Jeff Wang, 1997, Industry. Jeff.Wang at REQUISITE dot com

  • Takeshi Sato, 2000. Takeshi_Sato at urgrad dot rochester dot e d u

  • Maria Voloshina 2003, California State University at Fresno

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