Busemann functions and coalescence of geodesics

  • AMS Sectional, SUNY Binghampton, Oct 2019

On the Steele-Zhang conjecture in first-passage percolation

  • AMS Sectional, SUNY Binghampton, Oct 2019

Stationary coalescing walks

Probability Seminar, Georgia Tech, Feb 2019

  • Probability Seminar, Carnegie Mellon, Oct 2018.
  • Probability Seminar, University of Minnesota, Sep 2018.
  • Probability Seminar, Temple University, Sep 2018.
  • AMS Sectional Meeting, Boston University, April 2018.
  • Probability Seminar, Northwestern University, Feb 2018.
  • Probability Seminar, University of Connecticut, Sep 2017.
  • Random Structures in Statistical Mechanics and Mathematical Physics, C.I.R.M\,Luminy, Mar-Apr 2017.

Fluctuations of polymer models in intermediate disorder

  • Special Session on Probability, AMS Spring Sectional, Fargo, ND, Apr 2016.
  • Special Session on Probability, Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics, III of the AMS Fall Eastern Sectional Meeting, Rutgers University, November 2015.
  • PDE and Probability Seminar, University of British Columbia, May 2015.
  • Probability Seminar, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, March 2015.

Stochastic Homogenization and First-Passage Percolation

  • Statistical Science Seminar, University College London, August 2015.
  • Arbeitsgemeinschaft ANGEWANDTE ANALYSIS, Max Planck Institute, Leipzig, April 2015.

A stochastic homogenization approach to first-passage percolation

  • Fall Semester Postdoctoral Seminar, Fields Institute, October 2014.

Variational formula for the time-constant of first-passage percolation

  • Probability Seminar, University of Wisconsin-Madison, December 2014.
  • Invited talk, Workshop on First-Passage Percolation, Instituto Nacional de Matem├ítica Pura e Aplicada, November 2014.
  • Mathematical Finance and Probability Seminar, Rutgers University, October 2014.
  • Contributed talk, 37th Conference on Stochastic Processes and their Applications, Universidad de Buenos Aires, July 2014.

Variational Formula for the Limit Shape of First-Passage Percolation

  • Frontier Probability Days, University of Arizona, May 2014.
  • ZiF Summer School, Bielefeld University, August 2013.
  • 9th Cornell Probability Summer School, Cornell University, July 2013
  • Graduate Student Seminar, NYU Courant Institute, April 2013.

Renewal-Reward Processes and Single-Molecule Experiments on Motor Proteins

  • Mostly Biomathematics Lunchtime Seminar, NYU Courant Institute, November 2009.