Here is a short list of students I have worked with on extra-curricular projects, ranging from reading courses to research problems.


University of Rochester

  1. Boping Nong Measure Theory with Probability. 391W, Spring 2021
  2. Kaile Ding. Fluctuations of First Passage Time around Time Constant and its Simulation. 391W, Spring 2020. [pdf]
  3. Aijia Zhang. On the Random Walk Hypothesis. 391W, Spring 2020. [pdf]

University of Utah

  1. Scott Neville. Now at the University of Michigan (Mathematics PhD). Kostka numbers and longest increasing sequences [arxiv:1907.03881]
  2. Stephen Harman. Reading course on “Random Walks and Electrical Networks”
  3. Willem Collier. REU at Utah “The RSK algorithm and the Marcenko-Pastur Law”