Math Subject GRE Prep Materials

This site is meant as a resource for anyone taking the Math Subject GRE (i.e., anyone thinking about going to math graduate school).

There will be a proctored diagnostic GRE test sometime in Fall 2021. Please RSVP to if you wish to attend.

There will be follow-up review sessions covering any gaps revealed during the diagnostic exam.

The best thing you can do before that time is review the material and/or take practice tests below. Make sure you are signed up for the SUMS mailing list, which is where info about GRE prep will be directed.

Some practice problems

Full Exam 1 (8767)

Full Exam 2 (9768)

Full Exam 3 (9367)

Full Exam 4 (0568)

You can find more information about the math subject GRE here. In particular, you’ll note that it says 50% of the test is calculus; 25% is algebra (basic, linear, and abstract); and 25% is additional topics. This means you should study Calculus very hard, and make sure you take several practice tests, so you know your strengths and weaknesses and can work on the right problems.

General GRE

We do not offer general GRE prep in the Math Department, but we recommend Chariot Learning, a boutique tutoring service in Rochester.