Program Dates: Monday - Friday 1-4pm, July 8th - July 19th, 2019. Lunch and GGM T-shirt provided to each student.

Tuition: We have grant money for aid, so please apply. We are strongly committed to the idea that no one should be precluded from attending GGM@Rochester for financial reasons. The tuition is $600 for two weeks for a commuter student. See the Pre-College Programs site below for more info.


Program description: GirlsGetMath@Rochester is a two-week-long half-day summer program for high school girls interested in math. It is run at the University of Rochester, through the Pre-College Program, so it is open to students from all over, but we especially hope to attract local students, to help build a community of math lovers here in the greater Rochester area.

Links: see the following for more info: for a blog post about the program for current info and registration for info about our sister program at Brown called GGM@ICERM